“Shagger” Wells lends Labour money from beyond the grave

Curious. The H.G. Wells Centre has lent Orpington Labour £2,000. I mention this because: What does Orpington Labour need two grand for? It’s hardly a target seat. I thought the H. G. Wells Centre got knocked down years ago and the site is now the Waitrose car park. As a Bromley escapee, I may be… Continue reading “Shagger” Wells lends Labour money from beyond the grave

Top 100 Tree Huggers

I should declare an interest as he is one of my bosses, but I was disappointed to see that Ron Bailey didn’t make the Department of the Environment’s Top 100 Environmentalists. Pretty much anyone who has campaigned nationally on environmental issues in the last 20 years must have come across Ron, or worked on one… Continue reading Top 100 Tree Huggers

The mind boggles

What is a religious exchange? I’ll run Iran for a few days and you can come to the Vatican and help sticking pins through condoms.