Straw Pledge – so near…

The Jack Straw pledge I started a week ago is nearly at 2/3rds the target 100 I set.  If you haven’t already signed, today’s the deadline to get to it!

And whether you’ve signed up yet or not about it, if you’re a blogger, please blog about it.  With a bit more of a push today, we should comfortably hit the target – but time is running out.



  1. Sorry not signing! Jack Straw’s wingeing is helping. Don’t let on that he’s a cretin, and let him carry on with his good work.

    PS I used recently and my MP wrote back to tell me “only backbenchers” can sign EDMs. When I pointed out this was untrue she told me that “No member of the Government can sign sign EDMs”. I’ve yet to tell her she’s telling porkies again cos I easliy found five members of the Govt who have signed them. Let ’em winge I say, because these internet tools can help us all discover what a bunch of frauds they are.

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