Daily Archives: 25 July 2006

My chocolatey press release shame

Disappointed by the distinct lack of punnage in Chris Huhne’s press release about Cadbury’s today. Okay, there is “melting away” but that is obvious.

It does remind me of a press release I wrote for one of his erstwhile European colleagues a few years ago though:

“Yesterday’s news will be a boost for Cadbury’s workers in Bournville and Marlbrook.”

“Too many countries in the EU continue to pursue protectionist policies wrapped in jargon about consumer rights. This case proves the system works. However, like France’s illegal ban on British beef it has gone on for far too long. The EU Parliament and Council came to an agreement on this issue two years ago, slightly fudging the issue by allowing British-style chocolate to be sold across Europe as ‘family milk chocolate’. Yet Italy and Spain have been free to defy this knowing it would be years while the case was dragged through the courts.

“We need a system that allows the Commission to implement EU rules and regulations without going down the curly-wurly route of the Court of Justice. Without this reform, the EU‘s ability to implement its own laws will continue to look distinctly flakey.”

Look upon my works ye mighty, and despair!

Swinson swings at Straw

Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, and a finalist in the New Statesman New Media Awards last night Jo Swinson, has criticised his outspoken attacks on TheyWorkForYou:

“Mr Straw has seen fit to attack theyworkforyou.com for using ‘quantitative rather than qualitative’ measures to assess MPs’ performance. Sites like this are in their infancy, and while they are obviously not as sophisticated as Mr Straw would like, they represent a great step forward in terms of makings MPs visible, accessible and accountable, which is something I am sure he would welcome.”

Sign pledge now!

Man of Letters Dies

I was very saddened to learn that Tom Frame died earlier this month.

Tom was a letterer (literally someone who writes the text in comics) for 2000AD and several other UK comics. For me, he was the letterer for Judge Dredd, and like a lot of early-2000AD stalwarts for a whole generation he will be better known for his droid alter-ego than for what he actually looked like.

So, as someone who helped form a large part of my childhood and adolescence (and arguably too much of my adulthood) Tom, thanks a lot.