Daily Archives: 21 July 2006

Jack Straw: not a cretin

I feel a bit bad about calling Jack Straw a cretin in my pledge yesterday.  What he said about theyworkforyou was certainly stupid, but now I’m anxious that people are going to write him abusive messages, which wasn’t my intent at all.

So if you do sign the pledge and write him a letter please be constructive!

On the positive side, I’m delighted so many people have signed up so far – keep them coming!

A curmudgeon writes

8 years ago, when I was elected sabbatical Communications Officer of LDYS, one of my first acts was to scrap the “agony aunt” column. Now I see it is back again.

The good news is that, being written by Lord Bonkers, it is less likely to descend into a series of in-jokes that only certain members of the executive could possibly get or find funny, but I can’t help but wander how on earth LDYS can justify spending what little income it receives on such things.

Back when LDYS still took even a mild amount of interest in what I have to say, I would attempt to plead with them to scrap Free Rad. I’ll say it again here: it doesn’t particularly achieve anything, is a pain to produce and costs too much. The organisation’s lively web forum replaced Free Rad’s role as a platform for debating issues long ago. And frankly, all too often it has served to portray an image of the organisation as a bunch of precocious Oxbridge students with their heads in the clouds and very little interest in actual politics.

The opportunity is now there for LDYS to go the next step and develop a community website along the lines of LabourHome. The good news is, it would cost them very little to do, what with software such as elgg.net readily available.

Come on, you young whippersnappers, get with the 21st century! Use the money you have to spend on targeted mailings to improve attendence at conferences and training events like Activate.