Iain Dale’s Lord Levy moment

I do worry that certain bloggers are getting too big for their boots. I’d draw an analogy here with one of my past obsessions: Robot Wars. I used to love the show for the simple reason that it involved lumps of metal sawing the crap out of each other. Another entertaining feature was seeing the… Continue reading Iain Dale’s Lord Levy moment

Bypassing the byelections

Some good poacher-turned-gamekeeper advice from Mike Smithson on how to stop a Lib Dem by-election onslaught can be found on politicalbetting.com today. The only thing I would take issue with here is that Mike buys into the myth that Hodge Hill was a successful defence on the part of Labour. Actually, Leicester South, called on… Continue reading Bypassing the byelections

Carbon Credits

I’m in two minds what to think of David Miliband’s recent interest in Personal Carbon Allowances. As I’ve explained previously on this blog, I like the economics behind carbon allowances, but feel it could be better administered simply by selling carbon allowances to the businesses, having them pass on the cost to the consumer, and… Continue reading Carbon Credits