Daily Archives: 19 April 2006

Not big or clever

I’ve been having fun today with the new suite of House of Lords related functions launched by those programming elves behind Public Whip, TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem.

Child that I am, I couldn’t resist looking up to see which Lord has used the most “f” words. It turns out that just one Lord has used this expletive in the Lords: one Lord Philips of Sudbury.

Anyone who has ever heard Lord Philips speak outside of the Other Place will be unsurprised by this revelation. He spoke at the launch meeting of NO2ID a couple of years ago and engaged in a tirade of sweary words. Enormous fun was had by all.

Copyright notice

This is a short post to state that I have copyrighted the idea of portraying the Conservative party as a leopard who can’t change his spots. This is in anticipation of a future Dave the Chameleon ad in which Dave attempts to get the Tory leopard to do exactly that. Use it Tone, and I’ll sue your ass.

I thank you.

Incidently, while a leopard can’t change its spots, it is good to see that a leader can change his jaguar. Bdm-tss!