Caution about rape figures

Sorry to go over yesterday’s news, but I do find this latest story about cautions issued for rape rather problematic. I’m sorry to state the bleeding obvious, but you cannot detect a trend from just two statistics, especially when they are such small figures. In the grand scheme of things 40 cautions across the whole… Continue reading Caution about rape figures

Chucking in the Lords

The Lib Dem appointments to the Lords were made by Charles Kennedy, not Ming Campbell. Unfortunately, it has to be said they demonstrate a lot of what was wrong with the Kennedy administration and why, however it was done, we are better off without him. Firstly, the bizarre appointment of John Lee, a former Conservative… Continue reading Chucking in the Lords

We’re all snobs now?

I’ve occasionally wondered if John Harris is in fact Johann Hari in a strawberry blonde wig – the two names are virtually identical. Now, it seems, he has taken to quoting from his own articles – Johann wrote an almost identical piece, albeit with more brevity, a few months ago. All this tut-tutting though, to… Continue reading We’re all snobs now?