Daily Archives: 18 April 2006

The colour of hypocrisy

It would be churlish to pick holes in Labour’s funny party election broadcast this evening, so of course, I couldn’t resist.

The first point is that its funny, but not half as funny as it could be. The problem is that voiceover: couldn’t they have dug up Pete Postlethaite or Patrick Stewart or some other Labour luvvy rather than this humourless gimboid? And it could have done with at least two more rewrites; it just isn’t funny enough.

The second point is, it’s blatantly hypocritical. At every single point of the broadcast you can replace the word “Dave” with the word “Tony” and “Conservatives” with “Labour” and it still makes perfect sense. For Christ’s sake, the Labour chameleon is even called “Tone” – what more do you want?

As a piece of effective political broadcasting however, you can’t really knock it. Sure, you can bet that Bremner, Bird and Fortune will do their own version on Saturday, but only twittering middle class arseholes watch Bremner, Bird and Fortune, and then only to satisfy their own prejudices. The lesson, children, is that if you want to get anywhere in politics you must be completely shameless. Only don’t ever admit it.