New Killer Whales

One of the most frequent requests I get on this weblog is to write more on the fascinating subject of false killer whales. “When are you going to give us more insight into the marvellous world of cetaceans and taxonomy, James?” people ask, or simply “more false killer whale stories now, fat boy!”

The truth is, I don’t have much to report. However, I am delighted to learn in the latest Fortean Times that not one but two new species of (not false) Killer Whales may have been discovered: a seal eating kind and an Antarctic toothfish eating kind.

What’s more, it turns out there are two seperate species of Giant Panda. This may explain why they are so bad at getting it on in captivity. “Sorry love, you’re not my type. I prefer a rounder, more feline head myself in a woman.”

Looking at the Killer Whale and the Giant Panda on the same page, one wonders what would happen were they to ever meet. One animal has a black face and white “eyes” while the other has a white face and black eyes. Would they detest each other like the aliens in that classic Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield“. God knows what would happen if they ever managed to breed…

Finally, the other thing of note to mention about this month’s FT (aside from the Cybermen article, but there’s been enough Doctor Who on cyberspace recently), is a picture of a giant bunny. It’s huge I tell you! Can’t find a picture on the interweb to show you, but I can confirm that it isn’t the one that just got married (this one is mentioned in the FT article but doesn’t look anything like as large).

UPDATE: It isn’t this one either. That isn’t a real bunny – it’s a muppet.

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