Old = new

Thank you Cristina Odone for revealing to me that Kirsty Alsopp, the smug presenter of Location, Location, Location whose latest wheeze is to do a series on the wonders of buy-to-let, is the daughter of the 6th Baron Hindlip. So it turns out that the poster child of new feudalism is in fact a member of the old feudal class. Explains everything, including her near ubiquity in Cameron press launches.

Lest I be accused of attempting to shoot the messenger, I should point out that I agree that programmes like Location, Location, Location are merely the symptom not the cause, and that under the circumstances they probably do help people get onto the property ladder who would otherwise not have a look in. But they aren’t matched with a reforming zeal. From what I can see, the Hon. Allsopp thinks the solution to everything is just to mouth platitudes about the need to build more houses; if it was as simple as that she would be out of a job.

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