Leah Darbyshire: a loser writes

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No Leah, I didn’t find this funny. Feel free to call me a loser, but your latest obsession with Vivienne Raper is quite irrational.

You state that:

We Darbyshires are not nasty. We’re always lovely to people we like. But if you hurt us, as many in the Party have done, then you can expect to be told about it and to be given a taste of your own medicine.

Yet while Vivienne has done nothing to you, you have yet to “name and shame” “all those men who came on to me, asked me out, texted me, flirted with me and letched over me in the Lib Dems and all those who made inappropriate comments or touched me inappropriately when I was both single and married.” Go on, spill the beans.

And if the couple of sarcastic comments of Vivienne’s has warranted such an onslaught, what on Earth did Julia Goldsworthy do? Why is it you consistently make women your targets rather than all those wicked men?

In a bizarre twist of fate, it would appear that another “Leia Derbyshire” has now taken offence. My advice to LeAH is simple: go to yahoogroups, register, and keep all your friends and family updated on your “fabulous” life that way. Nasty, horrible people like me won’t bother you any more.

3 thoughts on “Leah Darbyshire: a loser writes

  1. Well said; the whole thing went from silly to vituperative to downright wrong in very short order, and I’m still not sure where all the bile came from.

    Better than YahooGroups; LiveJournal would be perfect for the pair of them, you can ‘blog’ but restrict who reads it. Ah well.

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