Policy making as if it mattered

We’re all modernisers now, then. Personally, I detest the word. I don’t want to come over all Hoggartesque, but would anyone in politics ever claim to be an antiquator? It is a banal label that is used to present yourself as dynamic and forward looking, regardless of what you’re actually proposal. The problem is, a… Continue reading Policy making as if it mattered

Scottish Politics

The build up to the next Scottish Parliament elections is getting interesting. There are plenty of people within the Lib Dems who don’t want another coalition with Labour, and the feeling is reciprocated. Today’s Scotsman is spinning that Lord Steel’s Commission Report to both recommend “quasi-independence” (what everyone else in the known world calls federalism)… Continue reading Scottish Politics

Oh for the mings of a dove

For some reason, Tony Greaves‘ increasingly splenetic outbursts about Ming Campbell bring to mind Brian Blessed. It’s the beard and sandals. This raises questions. Who, for instance, does this make Prince Barin/Timothy Dalton? And is Norman Lamb, Lord Kirkwood or whoever Ming appoints as his PPS, Klytus?