Well done Ming!

When it’s all said and done, Ming Campbell was my second choice and I’m happy with the result. I can’t deny the result was a bit of a surprise. I’ve been convinced he’d win for the past fortnight, but I thought it would be within 5%. Similarly, I thought Simon Hughes was going to do… Continue reading Well done Ming!

Beam me down, Scotty

Three thoughts about this story, Beam problem disrupts parliament: I didn’t realise the new hi-tech Scottish Parliament had teleportation! You spend all that money, only for the thing to start falling down after a year?! Perhaps this is linked to the opening of the Welsh Senedd? Maybe there is some scientific principle stopping two devolved… Continue reading Beam me down, Scotty

Chubby Rain

Talking of films and alien invasions, I was intrigued to see this cover article in today’s New Scientist. It reminds me of the film-within-a-film of Bowfinger in which Eddie Murphy’s Kit Ramsey’s character is terrorised by aliens after the fall of the sinister sounding “chubby rain”. Intriguingly, some of the scientists expressing scepticism in this… Continue reading Chubby Rain