Why we need Land Value Taxation (part 893)

Another reason for LVT can be found in the Guardian today: Property tax leaves cities ‘looking like broken teeth’ · Government adviser attacks Darling policy · Empty buildings torn down to avoid payment I won’t bore you endlessly with the details, suffice to say that LVT is charged on the land itself, irrespective of what… Continue reading Why we need Land Value Taxation (part 893)

Scrabulous and IP Wars

When I twittered Rory Cellan-Jones to ask why he didn’t mention Wordscraper in his blog post about Scrabulous, he replied “cos i couldn’t be bothered!” Years from now, when British journalism has finally breathed its last, this phrase will be engraved on its tombstone. The thing is, the Wordscraper thing is about the most interesting… Continue reading Scrabulous and IP Wars