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Bring Parliament closer to the people!

Thanks a lot to Bridget Fox for kickstarting the debate, both on her own blog and at the Guardian, over the motion “Giving Citizens a Voice in Parliament” which David Boyle and myself will be proposing at party conference next month:

This process might not have stopped the Iraq War (no legislation there) – but it could potentially have reversed such controversial measures as the poll tax or the Dangerous Dogs act, Section 28 or the hunting ban. And it could ensure a real public debate on issues like nuclear power, ID cards, or a third runway at Heathrow.

Even if the results in terms of legislation implemented are not dramatically different, the impact on the process of having people – and politicians – aware that they can really influence the agenda between elections could be revolutionary.

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Just a bit of fun

Marvellous though it is to come fourth on Iain Dale’s big list of Lib Dem bloggers, I have to admit to being a little dubious about the list as a whole. The lower ranking places seem to be essentially random. Nor does Iain Dales’ reassurance on Lib Dem Voice put my mind at rest:

Just to clarify, that last year a panel of half a dozen LibDem bloggers ranked the blogs. This year they were all voted for by blog readers – 1,142 of them.

That may be true, but since each one of them only had ten votes and they will inevitably be skewed in a rightwards direction, it seems highly unlikely that even a significant proportion of them voted for a single Lib Dem blog.

Anyway, I thought I’d have a little experiment to see what Lib Dem bloggers think of the top 50 that Dale has come up with (excluding myself, because including myself in such a poll would be ridiculously vain). Simply follow this link and rate each blog, giving them between 1 and 4 points (unrated blogs will be given a score of 0). Then I’ll publish the top 50 based on these responses and see how it contrasts with the Dale version.

You have until Wednesday 10 September to vote. Hop to it!

Click Here to take survey

Is Guido bonkers?

So asks Justin McKeating. Now, normally I wouldn’t indulge in such things but I was fascinated by this response to a Liberal Conspiracy article:

According to the moonbats the Is Brown Bonkers? meme is cooked up by Guido on the orders of Andy Coulson at CCHQ.

But if you read the actual article he links to, no mention of Andy Coulson or CCHQ is made in it. There are a couple of CCHQ refs in the comments, but the only person who refers to Coulson is Guido himself.

Rebutting an allegation that isn’t being made against you is a pretty cast iron example of paranoia. Maybe Paul Staines needs to get out of this gig. It isn’t doing his mental health any good at all.