Complete Zenith: A Review

WARNING: Some minor spoilers in the images, but nothing to get too excited about. Zenith is a comic strip from “my era” of 2000ad. I first started getting 2000ad from Prog 497 (after already purchasing several Titan reprint albums) and Zenith himself arrived in Prog 520. In some ways it’s a surprise Zenith was a… Continue reading Complete Zenith: A Review

The Lib Dem campaign for internet freedom steps up a gear

If you haven’t already joined the Lib Dems Save the Net Facebook campaign, I recommend you do so. Meanwhile, an emergency motion has been submitted to Spring conference. Bridget Fox has the details. I’ve submitted the following questions to the Federal Policy Committee for the morning of conference: 1. What role has the FPC played… Continue reading The Lib Dem campaign for internet freedom steps up a gear

Will Lembit have me arrested?

I’ve just updated Prawn Free Lembit with Mr Opik’s latest column from the Daily Sport and it has put me in a bit of a quandary. You see, by posting that column, I’m breaching copyright. I’m a pretty good boy when it comes to copyright violation generally – unusually for my generation even where music… Continue reading Will Lembit have me arrested?