What I learned at #barcampnfp

On Friday I went to my first barcamp and, as per the rules, I’m meant to blog about the experience. So here goes. First of all, I should write about my expectations. In retrospect I think they were a little too high, like I had just got some kind of golden ticket into the inner… Continue reading What I learned at #barcampnfp

Rubbish November Statporn

Proud to be a member of the Long Tail: Absolute Unique Visitors: 2,582 (October: 2,518) Visits: 3,760 (October: 4,854) Pageviews: 5,384 (October: 8,054) Sources of Traffic (excluding aggregators, search engines and obvious spammers): Rank [October Rank] Source (Traffic) 1 [1] Iain Dale (290) 2 [2] Lib Dem Voice (249) 3 [3] Liberal England (90) 4… Continue reading Rubbish November Statporn