How to give head in advertising

Car Giant ChrisOver at BAE’s favourite leftwing magazine, Richard Herring writes a blog post I’ve been meaning to do only puts it far more eloquently and humourously.

One thing he doesn’t mention is that Chris’ “giant smile” on the advert doesn’t really look like a smile at all. Smug is one way of putting it. Another is to point out it looks rather similar to the expression one has when one has a mouthful of someone one does not know whether to spit out or swallow. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t get that from his wife or girlfriend. Clearly there is another dimension to this sad squit’s life that has yet to be told.


  1. As some of the lines in the advert end with “to blow” and “get down” – near enough – is it possible someone at the ad agency was hoping some of the suckers would get the message?

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