Introducing Barack’s future brickbat

I’ve done the Bob the Builder gag elsewhere, but I have to say this video couldn’t look more like a noose to put around the potential future President Obama if it was made of hemp and had a knot in it: Remember George Bush Senior’s “read my lips – no new taxes”? Or Labour’s 1997… Continue reading Introducing Barack’s future brickbat

New Statesman: guns’n’ammo edition

New Statesman, whose political editor last week as you will recall was criticising Ken Livingstone last week for supporting Hugo Chavez, while his magazine was simultaneously attempting to entice new subscribers with Chavez t-shirts, have decided their new best friends are BAE Systems: BAE Systems would like to ask the readers of the New Statesman… Continue reading New Statesman: guns’n’ammo edition

Recoil at recall!

Bad law is often passed when people encounter a problem, seize on a solution and wed themselves to it regardless of the unintended consequences. It’s the sort of kneejerk reaction we see from our Labour and Tory rivals all the time. Sadly, Antony Hook and Duncan Borrowman have done this over the “solution” of recall… Continue reading Recoil at recall!