Daily Archives: 6 February 2008

Honest Tom

I often slag Guido/Paul Staines off on this blog. The truth is, I don’t like the man’s politics which veer wildly between being an apologist for the Conservative Party under the guise of neutrality and total nihilism.

But the truth is, if he didn’t exist we’d need to invent him. His latest post on Tom Watson is a case in point. Utterly shameless, if ever there was a poster child for all that is wrong with that partcular faction of New-Labour-Same-As-The-Old-Labour MPs, it is Comical Tommy.

Sarcasm: the final frontier

Traffic light - greenOne thing I’ve been pondering about this evening…

I write a lot of sarky, piss-taking posts on this blog. Sometimes I’ll have a rant about something that I’m not being entirely serious about but which lets off a bit of steam.

The thing is though, what often happens is people take me rather too seriously. Worse, I often kind of forget that I was only really being half-serious at the time and set about defending myself as if it was the most important point of principle ever.

So, to try and ameliorate this, should I include some kind of traffic light system to remind both myself and the reader what my state of mind was when I wrote each article? And how could I stop myself from sarcastically mis-labeling certain blog posts in the interests of winding people up? Is this Hell?

I’m reminded of one of my favourite Simpsons moments:

Teen1: Oh, here comes that cannonball guy. He’s cool.
Teen2: Are you being sarcastic, dude?
Teen1: I don’t even know anymore.