Vince Cable flutters his eyelashes at Bruce Forsyth

On GMTV this Sunday, Vince Cable will declare his ambition to appear on Strictly Come Dancing:

Steve Richards: …as many of the newspapers have commented in recent days, you enjoy a bit of the ballroom dancing. Are you watching Strictly Come Dancing?

Vince Cable: I watch it religiously…

Steve Richards: I thought you did!

Vince Cable: …every week. Yes, it’s a wonderful programme. Bruce Forsyth is of course just over the top but actually the judges are great, the dancers are great. I’m backing Alesha, this very beautiful and very talented dancer.

Steve Richards: Right.

Vince Cable: No, it’s great entertainment.

Steve Richards: Would you like to be on it?

Vince Cable: Well… you’re tempting me! If I received an invite I’d find it very difficult to turn down.

Steve Richards: Right, well there’s another series in the pipeline I’m sure, so you could be there! OK, well if not leader of the Lib Dems after this very successful period, perhaps victorious candidate in a future series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Vince Cable: Yes, that’s a real ambition, a serious ambition! [laughs].

Well, that’s settled then.


  1. If these are the kind of media opportunities we want to encourage, I could see Chris being a really good dragon on Dragon’s Den.

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