Official: this blog has arrived!

Although I fear that I may be in for a Rigellian Hotshot as a result, it is somewhat amusing to note that if you type Quaequam Blag into Google, the search engine comes up with the helpful suggestion “Do you mean Quaequam Blog?” It doesn’t work the other way. Well, it made me chuckle anyway.

Comment is Free: Share the wealth!

My latest article on Comment is Free is now up: Instead of doggedly trying to outpace property prices, imagine if the exchequer went the other way. And imagine if it used the extra revenue that resulted to cut income taxes. Wouldn’t it be fairer to allow people to keep more of the money that they… Continue reading Comment is Free: Share the wealth!

Facebook: in God’s name why?

I’ve just found that when you type the word “procrastinating” in your Facebook status update, the website adds a space before the “g” at the end for no apparent reason. Why is this? By the way, if you got a dictionary out and looked up “procrastinating” this blog post would be there. UPDATE: The space… Continue reading Facebook: in God’s name why?