Conspiring with lefties

This evening I attended the launch party of the Liberal Conspiracy, the latest brainchild of Sunny Hundal of Pickled Politics fame. Sadly, they didn’t supply us with sparklers or have any of those rubbishy indoor fireworks you used to be inflicted with at children’s parties, but a fun time seemed to be had by all.… Continue reading Conspiring with lefties

A case of overclegging the pudding

Bold words from Young Master Clegg in his campaign email today: On our core liberal issues, I believe we must be bold. We must take our ideas, and turn them into action. This week I took the first step: we have always opposed identity cards but I became the first national politician to pledge to… Continue reading A case of overclegging the pudding

Elizabeth: The Golden Age – too much wind

I loved Elizabeth, the original Shekhar Kapur / Cate Blanchett film. Sure it was historically inaccurate, but it was done with such aplomb. Basically the film was The Godfather Part I in a frock. So I was expecting Elizabeth: The Golden Age to be the Godfather Part II. Sadly, it was rather closer in quality… Continue reading Elizabeth: The Golden Age – too much wind