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Tooth Review: 1564 (Obligatory Spoiler Warning)

A really scrotnig issue as the storylines begin to slot into place.

Prog 1564Cover: A Peter Doherty-drawn montage of the main characters in the current Mandroid storyline. Well drawn and timely if a little underwhelming.

Doherty is currently doing colourist duties on Dredd and in that respect is woefully underutilised. When will he resume artistic duties? He doesn’t seem to have drawn anything of substance in over a decade.

Quote of the Week: “Amassed! The man was a bloody menace! You couldn’t put anything down for a minute without him whipping it! Half the lost treasures of the ancient world ended up stuffed down his trousers!” (Erebus, The Red Seas)

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Coca Cola corportation launches homeopathic Coke brand

I’m sure that readers will have already seen Diet Coke Plus Vitamins and Diet Coke Plus Antioxydents in the shops by now. What you may be unaware of is that they are planning to expand this range of health conscious drinks:

Coca Cola and the Society of Homoeopaths are delighted to announce the launch of Coca Cola Pure.

The Coca Cola Corporation have worked with a team of homeopathic practitioners to develop this new variation of classic Coke, based on the success of our leading worldwide brand Dasani. Diluted in pure water to the precisely measured proportion of 1:1060, Coca Cola Pure contains the taste of Coke in a zero-calorie drink. What’s more, operating on the principle that “like cures like,” Coca Cola Pure is a homeopathically certified remedy for tooth decay.

I have to admit that I’ve tried a bottle (they were handing them out outside Charing Cross yesterday) and found it a little tasteless. Also, it is a bit flat, possibly due to the statistical improbability of it containing any carbon dioxide molecules in it. Each to their own I suppose.