Richard Allan on Nicolas Blincoe

I got this message from Richard Allan, Nick Clegg’s campaign manager, today:

Dear James,

A little earlier this afternoon, my attention was drawn to an article by Nicholas Blincoe on the CommentIsFree website. I have not met Nicholas before and he is not a part of the Nick Clegg Campaign Team. I understand that he has been one of a number of people to advise Nick on speeches previously, hence his self-description.

The contents of the article are a personal viewpoint and in no way associated with this campaign. I have therefore contacted Nicholas to request that he makes this clear in a posting on the Guardian site. He has agreed to do this and I hope that a clarification will appear in short order.

All the best,

Blincoe himself has now issued a qualification. I’m pleased to see that Team Clegg have treated this with the seriousness it deserved and reacted promptly. Good show.

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