Tooth Review: 1563 (Obligatory Spoiler Warning)

Face offs galore this week as the new strips start to get going.

Prog 1563Cover: Simon Davis draws Finnegan Sinister John Woo style. Not sure about that gun chain – seems a little taut and impractical. I have visions that he must have something similar for his gloves, bless him. For those new readers wondering why Sinister has such a white face, it’s a Simon Davis thing.

Spoilers a-go-go…

Judge Dredd: Mandroid – Instrument of War part 9. Slaughterhouse makes good his escape, leaving Dredd to pick up the pieces. Later, Slaughterhouse starts to track down the General who set him up.

Not much to report with this episode as the strip is now moving apace. It is clear it isn’t going to end well for either Nate or the General, but no big revelations this week (unless you count the fact that robo-docs apparently wear coats and have homes to go to after work – wtf?). A solid, action packed episode.

Nikolai Dante: The Chaperone part 4. Elena recounts her past and first encounter with Skar while Dante’s band flee the brigands. Arkady and Sonja become seperated from Nikolai and Elena on a rickety bridge (that looks remarkably similar to all rickety bridges in cinema and comics), with Dante opting to rescue Elena from the clutches of Skar’s pterodactyl ride.

Again, not much to add to what I’ve said in previous weeks except that this story continues to exceed by expectations. I was expecting another bonkfest and instead got strong characterisation (not just Elena but Arkady who continues to remind the reader that he isn’t the brat we were first introduced to 10 years ago) and complex plotting (complex for a comic told in six-page episodes anyway).

Sinister Dexter: Life is an Open Casket part 4. John Croak and Sinister shoot it out, with Croak eventually fleeing and returning to tell Moses that Appellido is “his” clone. Pennies drop throughout this episode. Ultimately though it is all just foreshadowing, building up to the conclusion of a plot that has been in development for well over two years. I can’t help but wish they’d just get on with it. Nonetheless, both Anthony Williams’ art and Dan Abnett’s script are well executed.

The Red Seas: War Stories part 2. Jim revives the boy who was mortally wounded at the end of the last episode, John Silence. In doing so he treats us to a mind meld and thus a handy reminder of what has gone before. We also get an explanation as to why Erebus has only one head (they are taking it in turns to guard the underworld; obvious when you think about it).

Largely expository, something which I complained that Ian Edginton did too much of in Stone Island, this exposition was necessary as I have to admit I had forgotten a lot of the detail that these few pages served as a crucial reminder. It’s still too early to tell what to make of this strip, but it is holding me so far.

Button Man: Book IV – the Hitman’s Daughter part 13. Adele and Harry fight and run around the shopping maul. There isn’t much else to say – the fight looks pretty even. Explanations and no doubt twists and turns are due for next week. Meanwhile just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Next week: Slaughterhouse tracks down the General, Dante attempts to rescue Elena, Kal Cutter has some explaining to do, those weird scarecrow men continue to pursue John, Jim and Erebus and there is a distinct possibility that Harry and Adele might do rather less fighting and more chatting.

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