Microscope: roleplaying history fractally

I’ve been exploring quite a lot of roleplaying games recently, but Microscope is probably the most unique I’ve come across thus far. Arguably, it isn’t even a roleplaying game, although roleplaying is part of it. The goal of the players is not to play a character but to create a fictional history, potentially spanning tens… Continue reading Microscope: roleplaying history fractally

Elizabeth: The Golden Age – too much wind

I loved Elizabeth, the original Shekhar Kapur / Cate Blanchett film. Sure it was historically inaccurate, but it was done with such aplomb. Basically the film was The Godfather Part I in a frock. So I was expecting Elizabeth: The Golden Age to be the Godfather Part II. Sadly, it was rather closer in quality… Continue reading Elizabeth: The Golden Age – too much wind

Charley Junior’s School Days

I’ve just come across this public information film from 1949 (or try here) about the post-war education reforms. With hindsight, I’m a bit ambivalent about the politics, but the sentiment is touching, and the quality of the animation is breath-taking. Remember: this is a public information film. I was looking for a different one involving… Continue reading Charley Junior’s School Days