Is J.K. finding it hard to let go?

Can anyone spot the inconsistency between the following two statements?

There will be just seven volumes of The Tales of Beedle the Bard and they will not be published.

One copy will be auctioned to raise money for her charity, The Children’s Voice, and the author will give away the rest of them.

She said the books were a “wonderful way” to say goodbye to Potter.


JK Rowling and the makers of the Harry Potter films, Warner Bros, are suing a US publisher over its plans to release a book version of a popular website dedicated to the boy wizard.

The legal action claims that RDR Books will infringe on Rowling’s intellectual property rights if it publishes the 400-page Harry Potter Lexicon.

It adds that this would interfere with her plans to write her own definitive Harry Potter encyclopaedia.


  1. Most interesting of all, Steve Vander Ark, the children’s librarian behind the excellent HP Lexicon, claimed that Warner Brothers had ripped off a giant chunk of his work by lifting and re-using a timeline for the books that he had painstakingly researched.

    I seem to recall that he claimed it was reproduced without permission in the special features of one of the Harry Potter film DVDs. And Vander Ark came up with some pretty convincing evidence – I think it was that a mistake or typo made on the HP lexicon was carried straight across without correction.

    Maybe he should counter-sue for the plagiarism of his research…

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