Webcameron. And on.

The Webcameron spoofs seems to be multiplying, even if you ignore

There is Stephen Tall’s provocative striptease (surely a Michael Kamen-style music career is now in the offing?), and Will Howell’s cheeky little number. And now, it would appear, Tom Watson has got in on the act and interestingly he doesn’t simply mock Cameron’s style, but actually engages in the “clean politics” debate.

While it’s fair to say that I certainly have my differences with Mr Watson, I agree with about 80% of what he says here. He does seem to be having his cake and eating it (i.e. a £15 million cap on spending is hardly a cap at all, and he skillfully evades the issue of individual donations altogether), but it’s good to see that Cameron appears to have provoked more of a debate on this issue, which can only be a good thing.

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  1. I would like to point out that Mr Chad Noble’s site is in no way connected with or endorsed by the UK Independence Party. Mr Noble was a member of the Conservative Party before leaving and forming three seperate political parties and then joining UKIP earlier this year. Mr Noble has his own agenda for progressive conservatism and his UKIPhome site is his attempt to try and steer UKIP into a right wing small c conservative position. Obviously he has put the backs up of a whole host of UKIP members. Especially if you examine his site in a bit more detail and read the following posts. Accusing fellow UKIP members of plotting his murder and MI5 spy allegation – the words ferrets in a sack spring to mind and something about picnics and sandwiches! So please do not congratulate the UK Independence Party for it is not their initiative – rather one new member trying to make a name for himself.

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