Another Labour Loophole

I’m not sure the government have thought this through properly. Surely, we are bound to see hundreds of rich millionaires sign up to fight in the worst warzones on Earth so they can enjoy tax exempt status? I mean seriously, would you want to see people such as Philip Green and Richard Branson being shot… Continue reading Another Labour Loophole

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YouGot to pay me more

I’ve just done another one of those interminable YouGov consumer surveys. The thing about YouGov is they don’t appear to have any quality control over their surveys. The reason why I take part in political surveys is that I’m interested in the result; I have no such stake in a survey about London restaurants or… Continue reading YouGot to pay me more

Webcameron. And on.

The Webcameron spoofs seems to be multiplying, even if you ignore There is Stephen Tall’s provocative striptease (surely a Michael Kamen-style music career is now in the offing?), and Will Howell’s cheeky little number. And now, it would appear, Tom Watson has got in on the act and interestingly he doesn’t simply mock Cameron’s… Continue reading Webcameron. And on.