Daley tripe

Iain Dale continues his decline to cheap partisan gossip broker – to think the man once had Parliamentary pretensions. His latest broadside on the Lib Dems to backfire spectacularly is his decision to attack Lib Dem News for publishing a pro-Hamas letter, conveniently ignoring the fact that the same page included 2 pro-Israel and 2… Continue reading Daley tripe

The English Question: I agree with a Tory shocker!

Prospect has an excellent quartet of articles on the subject of the “English Question” this month.  The four authors have very different perspectives, but they all agree that breaking up the union would be bad and the Tory’s “English Votes on English Matters” proposal is no solution. Malcolm Rifkind’s proposal for an English Grand Committee,… Continue reading The English Question: I agree with a Tory shocker!

Constitutions and the choke factor

My boss has written a nice post about the last episodes of the West Wing last night, linking it with the House of Lords Constitution Committee’s report this week on Royal prerogative. For me, the “choke” moment of the two episodes was the bit when Bartlet gave Charlie his copy of the US Constitution. But… Continue reading Constitutions and the choke factor