Has it passed on? Is it no more? Has it ceased to be? Has it expired? Has it met its maker? Is is stiff? Bereft of life, does it rest in peace? Is it pushing up the daisies? Are its metabolic processes now history? Is it off the twig? Has it kicked the bucket? Has it shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible? Is it an ex-magazine?

I’m sorry to keep going on about this, but have we seen the last gasp of The Liberal magazine? Since my last post on the subject it has emerged that Ben Ramm has got into further problems for publishing a Mohammed cartoon on its website, which is now dead.

Visitors to Chris Huhne’s website will be aware that the magazine had asked the three leadership contenders to answer some questions way back in January, but surely they can’t still be considering publishing that as the ballot will be closing soon. Similarly, their promised special on why Kennedy should go was scuppered by events (and in a very small way, by their own actions).

Bottom line though, it can’t be that difficult to bring out another issue, can it?


  1. The next edition was due out on 14th Feb (that’s what their website said before it went down). I’ve seen no evidence of it in WH Smith Wells – has any one else spotted it?

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