Ming on the environment: tax hikes and waffle

On proper inspection, I fear I was a little over-generous on Ming’s statement on environmental policy yesterday. My point that Chris now needs to meet the challenge now that Ming has thrown down the gauntlet still stands, but the detail of this chapter is very disappointing. First of all, if you are going to make… Continue reading Ming on the environment: tax hikes and waffle

Don’t do it John!

Rumours abound that John Hemming will be guesting on a podcast with Guido and the Monkey. Not entirely sure if this is wise, surely the internet equivalent of entering the Big Brother house in terms of credibility. Rumours that Guido showed up cavorting in a bright red leotard and that the Monkey put his face… Continue reading Don’t do it John!

Knickers to Hilary!

More than Labour 40 MPs given permission to not turn up… Tony Blair himself advised he wasn’t needed… Pussy Galloway lending Tony Blair his indefatigable support… The Tories only on a two-line whip… Oh yes, the Pants of Power are well and truly back. When were you thinking of leaving Tony? 🙂