I bet you think this blog is about you

Deputy Chair of the Lib Dem Federal Policy Committee Jeremy Hargreaves has made this contribution to the Meeting the Challenge website. Here, he outlines his proposed “narrative”: It’s About You: putting you in control of your own life (and actively equipping you to be so), and making our shared institutions accountable to you. I think… Continue reading I bet you think this blog is about you

Is Camp Campbell worried?

Nick Clegg’s piece today is a calculated attack on Chris Huhne: Hughes is damned with faint praise, while Nick has almost nothing to say about his own candidate except accept make excuses for the poor campaign and more willy waving about the number of MPs. Thank goodness for the sub-editor who opted for a less… Continue reading Is Camp Campbell worried?

Flying blind

My trailled “killer post” on Huhne failed to emerge. Sorry, had problems with another project last night. Not sure I have that much to add to what I’ve already said in any case. The lack of YouGov poll is proving irritating. Guido and Mike Smithson speculate that this is because the commissioner didn’t like the… Continue reading Flying blind