Notice he didn’t say no

Paul Rowan MP just asked Tony Blair if he would consider going into coalition with the Conservatives. I think the failure of Tony Blair to come up with a simple yes or no answer, and instead bluster and dissemble, is highly significant.

UPDATE: Bloody hell! Ming was brilliant on PMQs today. About time!

UPDATE 2: I’ve since been told that, at least on TV, Ming came across appallingly at PMQs (I only listened to it on radio). Iain Dale makes this point, but to be fair I spoke to a couple of Campbell supporters this evening who said the same thing. Happy to abide by people’s better judgements.


  1. Sorry guys but I was actually there ( accompanying nieces on a half term visit ) and Ming was poor. Just so I dont get accused of partisan bias William Hague was on top form even the labour benches couldn’t help laughing at his jokes and he effectivly got his points across. TB has had so much experience at it that very few can outshine him. Simon Hughes managed to make his point despite a certain amount of barracking but was hardly sparkling.

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