Flying blind

My trailled “killer post” on Huhne failed to emerge. Sorry, had problems with another project last night. Not sure I have that much to add to what I’ve already said in any case.

The lack of YouGov poll is proving irritating. Guido and Mike Smithson speculate that this is because the commissioner didn’t like the results, which is a bit crap given that they must know that is the risk you take with polls.

Yesterday, I received an envelope of bumph from Huhne and today I got a “blue letter” from the man along with my ballot paper. Also, an ad in the print edition of the Guardian.

Have to say, I also enjoyed listening to Radio Huhne last night. The inquisitorial style they’ve got going there contrasts widely with David Walter’s at times sycophantic Mingcasts. Really reinforces the fact that Huhne is the thinking member’s choice.

UPDATE: Guido is now saying the poll went Campbell 40%, Huhne 34% and Hughes 24%. No word on second preferences, but if true this is nothing but good news for Our Chris.

UPDATE 2: Just completed a SECOND YouGov survey on the Lib Dem leadership. Will they print this one, do you think?


  1. My guess is that the 2nd YouGov survey is not from a Lib Dem – given a silly question on policy priorities that asks if the number 1 issue for party members is closer European integration.

    Is this the Telegraph poll?

    I think that if Guido’s got the right figures, it is literally neck and neck once transfers are taken into account.

  2. Well, today’s YouGov may be from the same as the first one – it had the reference code ‘IBE’ on the survey as well, which suggests it’s not for the Telegraph as theirs are normally coded ‘TEL’, strangely enough.

    The Indy, maybe, and they didn’t want to release the results and put a big damper on their backing of Campbell?

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