Pravdale calms the storm

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Pravdale has intervened in Shappgate:

This all seemd a bit odd to me so I went to the horse’s mouth and have got a categoric denial that Grant did anything of the sort. It appears that he had a very easily guessable password on his Youtube account (it was 1234 !!!) and someone hacked into it.

Phew! That’s a relief! And – ha ha ha! – “1234”? Who’dathunkit? More sinisterly, a CCO spokesperson states:

We will be monitoring the account carefully and can’t rule out the activities of our opponents.

You see? It’s all a plot by the Lib Dems. That’s right – we’ve got a mole out there who is going around typing comments on blogs and YouTube (I would refer you again to the resemblance of GrantShapps’ comment and “Des Gray“) claiming we can’t win.*

In any case, it can’t be true that Pravdale and Tim Ireland have been in contact with Grant Shapps today as he is clearly too busy. I emailed him more than 24 hours ago about his activists admitting to stealing out of Ealing residents’ letterboxes and he hasn’t replied yet.

Simple question dear readers: does this explanation sound remotely credible?

Just assuming it is true though, would you trust a man who uses “1234” as his password with running an election campaign? For that matter, would you trust a man who uses “1234” as his password to tie his own shoelaces?

* Seriously, don’t you think the Tories would have got tired of making unfounded allegations by now?

1 thought on “Pravdale calms the storm

  1. James – you’re missing the point.

    CCO know that it was in fact Labour who hacked into Shapps’ account in order to use his name to pose as a Lib Dem, cleverly deploying the same language as “Des Gray”, who they know is a Tory mole posing as a Lib Dem, so that a Tory and seemingly Tory but actually Labour mole would both appear as Lib Dems on a Lib Dem page.

    This is of fundamental importance to the people of Ealing Southall and CCO should be commended by us for revealing the truth.

    Back to basics, what?

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