Pravdale calms the storm

Pravdale has intervened in Shappgate: This all seemd a bit odd to me so I went to the horse’s mouth and have got a categoric denial that Grant did anything of the sort. It appears that he had a very easily guessable password on his Youtube account (it was 1234 !!!) and someone hacked into… Continue reading Pravdale calms the storm

Shappy happy videos on YouTube shocker

Strangely, Grant Shapps hasn’t replied to my email yesterday. Possibly this is because he is busy posting fake messages up on YouTube. Spot the difference: Okay, realistically we’re not going to win though. Especially since the Tories have just received 5 defecting Councillors from Labour. Don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but the Tories… Continue reading Shappy happy videos on YouTube shocker