Iain Dale calls Lib Dem candidate a “whore”

Iain Dale has taken the unusual decision to take Lib Dem candidate for Norwich North April Pond to task for putting herself forward after already being the candidate for Broadland constituency. He likens this to him abandoning Norfolk North constituency in the run up to the 2005 General Election to fight a by-election in Tunbridge… Continue reading Iain Dale calls Lib Dem candidate a “whore”

Why didn’t Clegg visit H&H?

Please disregard the football-related metaphor in the heading (not my choice of words), but here is my CiF piece on the Haltemprice and Howden by-election. It would appear that my analysis is pretty much the same as Stephen Tall’s – i.e. Clegg was right to back Davis but failed to press his advantage home: However… Continue reading Why didn’t Clegg visit H&H?

Two Ds, Two faces?

I spotted this quote from David Davis this morning but LDV beat me to it: “I’m sorry that Labour and the Liberal Democrats funked it, but we’re still having a good argument and getting the issue raised.” Both personally and professionally I’ve spent quite a lot of time defending Davis’ actions, at least up to… Continue reading Two Ds, Two faces?