Sometimes I really miss Mark Oaten

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…I’d have so loved to have goaded him over this:

We were warned: Liberalisation of drink laws would fuel disorder
The sober truth: Serious violent crime has fallen 21% – and is down by twice that in some towns – while there are 14% fewer woundings
As for drinks firms? They are reporting no windfall profits

As Iain Sharpe has rightly reminded me in the past however, Don Foster is the person in charge of the Lib Dem line on licensing laws. Looking forward to the press release, Don!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I really miss Mark Oaten

  1. Ann Leslie seemed very affronted by this, while reviewing the papers on Sky News tonight. Seemed to take it as a deliberate affront to the Daily Mail.
    Can’t think why…
    At least, as alternative splashes to the Hamza saga goes, it surely beats the Mirror’s ‘Britney Steers’…

    Will be interesting to see how much play, if any, MPs make of this report (the alcohol findings, I mean – not Britney…)

  2. As with all such matters we need to watch out for the ‘Hawthorn Effect.’ But this does match some local experience at my end where the Police and the Community safety Teams are using the new laws to put the dodgier licensees under greater scrutiny.

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