More Google privacy invading outrage!

Seriously, do you think Google has given any thought to space aliens’ right to privacy? Sure, no doubt they’ll be allowed to opt out, but what if ET doesn’t have access to a phone? Does anyone think about them? Honestly! Is there nowhere in the universe safe from these snoopers?

Government: The Final Frontier

One of the truly awful things about conference this week was music used for the video photomontages – all three of them – that they insisted on playing before the leader’s speech, all three of which were to the tune of the most vein-opening soft rock I’ve ever come across. Personally, I’d never heard of… Continue reading Government: The Final Frontier

Planet X

Spare a thought for the poor astrology community who, either way, will have their work cut out coping with the decision by the International Astronomical Union today. Either Pluto gets to remain a planet, and thus so will Xena and up to 50 other bodies circling the Sun, or it gets struck off the roster.… Continue reading Planet X