Lembit versus Lembit

Lembit is making a great deal out of the fact that he has more Facebook supporters than Ros Scott, which is fair enough. I’ve never bought into this idea that this election is a shoe-in for Ros Scott. He can also claim a mini-coup in the fact that Mark Littlewood has abandoned ship and is… Continue reading Lembit versus Lembit

Where’s Lemby? Day Eleven

More Lembit news today, but none of it is very good. First of all, the Western Mail reports that senior Welsh Lib Dem politicians are “snubbing” Lembit in favour of a “little-known candidate from England” (which is apparently a small place somewhere east of the Marches). Yet Lembit is apparently still standing, stating that: “Party… Continue reading Where’s Lemby? Day Eleven

Where’s Lemby? Day Four

Where’s Lemby? In the Independent diary column, that’s where. Confirming his intention to stand, he says: “I’m back in business. I’m definitely going to stand for president of the Liberal Democrats. It’s the one job I’ve always wanted.” A paragon of modesty, of his chances he says: “I’ve got to be regarded as the odds-on… Continue reading Where’s Lemby? Day Four