Where’s Lemby? Day Four

Where’s Lemby? In the Independent diary column, that’s where. Confirming his intention to stand, he says:

“I’m back in business. I’m definitely going to stand for president of the Liberal Democrats. It’s the one job I’ve always wanted.”

A paragon of modesty, of his chances he says:

“I’ve got to be regarded as the odds-on favourite. I came runner-up last time.”

He lost, therefore he must win. No, I can’t fault that logic either. Pandora suggests that “There have, however, been rumblings that party officials are cool about the idea of Opik landing the role, owing to his ‘overly comic image.'” Party officials? Name them. Apart from Shadow Foreign Secretary and Chair of the Campaigns and Communications Committee Ed Davey who is chairing Ros Scott’s campaign. He doesn’t count. And Lembit has this to say about rumours that he might be bottling it:

“Who are these people saying I’m not going to stand? People used to say I was standing for Mayor of London when I wasn’t, and now they’re trying to say I’m not standing for the presidency when I definitely am.”

As a sign of how serious Lembit is about the job, he reveals two slogans he has come up with for the campaign: “Epik Opik” and “Take It… You’ll Lembit!” Winners both.

Meanwhile, the Times suggests that Lembit’s lack of activity on the Presidential campaign front may due to the fact that he is preparing to serve time in pokey. Yes, just as Nick Clegg has announced that he is prepared to go to prison rather than register for a compulsory identity card, Lembit has announced his intention to go to prison for an equally important issue: the right of segway owners to drive on the public highway. Yes, lawmakers must not be lawbreakers, but there are some issues too important to not take a stand over.

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