Caron, Charlotte and Costigan are all right about the ISA

I’ve been impressed by the quality of Lib Dem blog posts about the Independent Safeguarding Authority over the past few days. Caron Lindsay, Charlotte Gore and Costigan Quist all make excellent points, albeit from different perspectives. The line in Caron’s post which I thought was most worth highlighting was this one about the Soham case:… Continue reading Caron, Charlotte and Costigan are all right about the ISA

Postgate Poll: Ivor surges ahead!

While I am delighted that personal fave Ivor the Engine is doing so well, I have to admit to being surprised. When you hear obituaries about Oliver Postgate, they typically focus on Bagpuss and The Clangers. I love all three enormously, but Ivor has a sublime, nostalgic and – dare I say it? – adult… Continue reading Postgate Poll: Ivor surges ahead!

Blue Peter Corrupt – Official

The BBC have truly lost it. Druggie presenters is one thing. Cynical competitive parents buying Blue Peter badges on eBay is quite another. But for Blue Peter to be involved in fixing a competition is, well, tantamount to defecating over the UK’s collective childhood experience. An apology is not nearly enough. The entire production team… Continue reading Blue Peter Corrupt – Official