EXCLUSIVE: Should Irfan Ahmed have to pay for what he did?

What is one to make of Irfan Ahmed. As a blogger he has risen from obscurity to become one of the top “celebrities” in the Lib Dem blogosphere. As a person, I know very little of him other than the fact that he lives in Preston and doesn’t like Saj Karim very much. Reading his blog recently, I was particularly struck by this quote:

This is a great point that was made by David as this is definitely what the Electorate is going to look at. They want a Prime Minister and Government that can offer them a good economic package that would benefit the ordinary person and big business, they don’t want a leader or government that will talk and talk about family life and rule out the economy.

Possibly the most exciting thing to discover is that he …

What? You’re still here? Sorry, nothing to see here, I was just hoping to get into the Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen next week and this seemed like the best way to do it.



  1. Why the evil Vendetta against me?
    And What did I do, exactly?

    And like you said if I have become a “Celebrity” I thought you would be someone who would actually be happy about that, as you are one of the Bloggers, that got me interested into blogging , James.

  2. And its Pendle (famous for the Pendle Hill and Lord Tony Greaves) and Saj Karim was my ex Employer and I knew him, he is a rat a person who thinks to much of himself. And a lot of people in Pendle would tell you he is a rat even Conservatives (his new Party) and the Labour Party!

  3. If I was running an ‘evil vendetta’ against you, wouldn’t I actually be accusing you of something?

    I just really, really want to get at the top of the Golden Dozen this week and this is clearly the way how. In fact I’m thinking of putting ‘Irfan Ahmed’ in all my blog titles from now on. Millionaires’ Row here I come!

  4. Don’t worry about James, Irfan. At first he seems like a big bully, but in fact, deep down, I mean really really deep down, he’s just a squidgy old teddy bear with a highly secreted sense of humour. 😉 🙂

  5. Gavin – not sure the sarcasm helps me. In fact, I’m pretty certain it will get me shot one of these days.

  6. “with a highly secreted sense of humour”.

    Do you mean hidden or formed from slow permeating drips of some unpleasant fluid?

    You’re all extremely mean, by the way. *adjusts pince-nez*

  7. Apart from all the quips I’d like to say that Irfan Ahmed did actually have a point. Yes, verging on the libellous was not a good idea but ….. since when have we as a party sided with the people in power who are trying to hide something? I like David Shutt and I’ve nothing against Ros (Valladares?) as a person as I don’t know her but they have not got to grips with investigating why three other members of the House of Lords have brought the Liberal Democrats into disrepute. Time to do it!

  8. I’ve kept my own council up to now but that does not mean that I have been in agreement with the party hierarchy. It is now time to renew my subscription – or not!

    Thinking about it.

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