Is Guido bonkers?

So asks Justin McKeating. Now, normally I wouldn’t indulge in such things but I was fascinated by this response to a Liberal Conspiracy article:

According to the moonbats the Is Brown Bonkers? meme is cooked up by Guido on the orders of Andy Coulson at CCHQ.

But if you read the actual article he links to, no mention of Andy Coulson or CCHQ is made in it. There are a couple of CCHQ refs in the comments, but the only person who refers to Coulson is Guido himself.

Rebutting an allegation that isn’t being made against you is a pretty cast iron example of paranoia. Maybe Paul Staines needs to get out of this gig. It isn’t doing his mental health any good at all.


  1. See also his reference to the New Statesman article entitled ‘Is Gordon Going Crackers?’ which makes no mention of Gordon’s mental state but talks about David Miliband having a Chinese meal. He either didn’t read the article or he’s delusional. Or he’s a liar who relies on the stupidity of his flock not to call him on his bollocks.

  2. Paul Staines may well be paranoid- but just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean the Lefty blogo-sphere isn’t out to get him.

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