Was Madeleine McCann a giant? Or was she abducted by midgets?

The problem with all this CCTV footage purporting to show Madeleine McCann in Brussels (no doubt as part of an EU plot), is that for a five year old she seems remarkably tall. Is it just me or does the child in the footage look about eight?


  1. You are out to lunch! The picture of the girl looks exactly like her and she looks to be about 5. Why are you people so hell bent on trying to prove it isn’t Madeleine? You would think you would try and prove it is!!! I am very suspect of all these phoney photos floating around and all the people saying that it isn’t Madeleine when the world knows it is!!! Be careful, the world is watching this time!!!!!!

  2. I’m not “hell bent on trying to prove it isn’t Madeleine” – I wrote a single blog post a month ago on the subject expressing personal doubt, giving a reason for that doubt, and then promptly got on with my life. I can recommend it.

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