My top ten political blogs

I’ve forgotten to list my top ten political blogs as part of Iain Dale’s annual bout of self publicity round up. Unlike others, I won’t be partaking in any “boycott.” Sure, the fact that it is edited by Iain and mostly publicised by his blog, it will have an inevitable Tory-bias, but so what? Iain can only dominate these things because Iain’s made a success of blogging. I don’t begrudge him that and have no wish to besmirch success in the interests of levelling down. If you want “balance” then organise your own list/awards. I have (the CGB awards) – it’s a doddle.

The list I will be sending to Mr Dale is as follows:

  1. Quaequam Blog! – because two can play the self publicity game! 🙂
  2. Our Kingdom – because it has an interesting range of writers and can generate informed debate (so long as you can get the English Nationalists to shut up for five minutes)
  3. People’s Republic of Mortimer – because it makes me laugh and is an intelligent read.
  4. Antony Hook – one of the most under-rated blogs out there in my view (temporarily down)
  5. Lib Dem Voice – over the last year it has gone from pretending to be the Lib Dem hub to being the Lib Dem hub. Kudos.
  6. Lynne Featherstone – this blog has actually grown on me over the last year as Lynne has thrived under the equalities brief.
  7. Liberal England – still a great staple for commentary and odd miscellenia.
  8. David Boyle – one of the party’s most thoughtful writers who doesn’t get listened to often enough.
  9. Neil Stockley – one of the party’s most throughtful marketeers who doesn’t get listened to often enough.
  10. Liberal Conspiracy – it’s growing on me and found it’s voice over the abortion debate this year. Would still like it to drop the explicit Labour party affiliation, but it’s getting there.


  1. Well, that’s one person off my Christmas card list. I’m going to cry a little in the corner now… Possibly whilst emailing Comment is Free with fake stories about you and the Norwegian Sheep Lovers Society (or NAMBLA).

  2. As Jo Anglezarke is going around alleging on Lib Dem Voice (therefore it must be true), I never nominate anyone I haven’t slept with first and frankly you don’t put out. It isn’t as if I haven’t made myself available.

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