Why we should be wary of bringing back the sus laws (photographic edition)

It’s okay! The police aren’t racist any more! Dave says so!


Police Federation march (BNP Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook circled)

(Photo credit: Evening Standard.)

Or, to put it another way:

“We didn’t ask him to leave because whether we like it or not we live in a democracy.”

More rantiness.


  1. While I question the need to bring in ore stop and search powers, I am astounded that you can say the police are racist on the basis that Richard Barnbrook was allowed his democratic right – to march in a public protest. I did not know the Lib Dems supported a police state, on which your rights can be removed if you chooses the wrong party!

  2. Hang on – I oppose stop and search therefore I’m in support of a police state?! Run that by me again.

    Richard Barnbrook does not have a right to lead a public demonstration any more than the lowliest police officer does. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been allowed to march but he certainly should not have been allowed to stand at the front with all the other VIPs and the Police Federation should not have allowed their Essex organiser do a matey interview with Barnbrook on camera.

    Police Officers should have a commitment to equal opportunities and treating members of the community without favour. That is incompatible with being a member of an organisation which is constitutionally racist.

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