Daily Archives: 10 October 2007

Tooth Review: 1558 (obligatory spoiler warning)

A slightly disappointing prog this week as the Summer Offensive draws to a close…

Prog 1558Cover: Another great Frazer Irving cover to coincide with Button Man IV. Over the past few weeks we’ve probably seen more pink on the cover of 2000AD than we had over the previous 30 years. Good to see the comic getting in touch with its feminine side.

Spoilers below… Continue reading Tooth Review: 1558 (obligatory spoiler warning)

Ministries at War!

My post yesterday about the other Ministry of Truth has provoked a response from the original Ministry of Truth. Pleasingly, it would appear that Unity and myself broadly agree both on this documentary in particular and the BBC’s Why Democracy? season in general.

Meanwhile, it appears that Michael Howard has withdrawn his consent to appear in the film. The First Post (which appears to have turned into a Metro-style gossip and boobs scandal rag since I last looked at it) has the details, along with this disgraceful article which sums up exactly what is wrong with this dreadful proposed bill.

Two points which emerge from this First Post article. Firstly, it emerges that the documentary makers have found a sponsor for the Bill, so Unity’s description of it being a fake bill is sadly mistaken. Secondly, one of the people they did find to support it was Neil Hamilton, and individual whose dishonesty has been demonstrated time and again, at least once in court. What does that tell you?